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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  September 29, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> we will see you next week, we'll check out all your social media stuff. >> put the blueberries in pancakes, that's what we do in our house. right now media buzz with howard kurt, so stand by for that. on the buzz meter this sunday morning, it looks like we're heading for a government shutdown at midnight tomorrow. there's a blame game much of it targeting ted cruz. >> how stupid ted cruz believes not only the american people but members of his own republican caucus. >> how stupid is ted cruz? and he is so wildly out of control stupid, he is insistent that blocking the bill is the very best way to support the bill. as the press pick sides in this showdown and fail to highlight
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how obamacare will actually work. hillary gives a magazine interview and guess what? she's not sure if she's running in 2016. but that has not affected the cable chatter. and jeff daniels capturing the prize for the newsroom. >> protesters holding signs that say we are the 99%. >> yes. >> i am the 1%. >> some people would say i'm overpaid, but i'm not. i'm paid exactly what the market will bear, which means i'm paid what i'm worth. so which system would you replace capitalism with? >> why is this the hbo drama that so many journalists love to hate? the iphone not getting rave reviews. and in our digital download in this age of twitter and tumbler and google and bing, what about the millions of americans who don't use the internet and why are they staying offline? i'm howard curts and this is media buzz.
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and we want to hear from you, send me a tweet about the show that's @howardkurtz. the coverage has been as chaotic and as polarizing as i have ever seen it. left wingers are slamming right wingers and conservative commentators are slamming each other over the republican tactics that have again brought us to the brink of an impasse over obamacare and government spending. and everyone has strong opinions on the freshman senator whose 21 hours of speechifying put him firmly in the media spotlight. this is a brilliant move by cruz because she's trying to take over the republican party. he's trying to take over the conservative wing. >> who or what has the nerve, the person or the party to put this princeton cowboy in his place? >> i mean the responsible republicans realize that a government shutdown would be
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sta disastrous politically, dart rouse practically and doesn't have any upside for him. >> jim garrity, contributing editor at national view, and kirsten powers, a fox contributor. much of the coverage is focused on this belt way media circus and ted cruz. >> the impact on premiums, subsidies, jobs, the federal poverty level all have been eclipsed by ted cruz on the floor reading dr. seuss's "green eggs and ham" and the tenor of the coverage this week has been much lighter. take this "gq" october issue for example, ted cruz, the distinguished whacko bird from
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texas. it talks about how john mccain calls him a whacko bird saying he's put this moniker on me, i guess i am. >> he's not exactly been staying off the television circuit. he said to me that john stewart and stephen colbert had made fun of him. but they also played clips of him attacking obamacare. >> it's a pretty strange ironic component to the coverage of cruz. all the other coverage before what's obama going to do, finding people to bash ted cruz, that's very easy to find this this town. so enough of this, oh, how wart, isn't it terrible the way ted cruz thinks it's all about him? let's talk more about ted cruz. >> and it's very easy to find
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people to bash people from texas, including many conservative commentators on his side of the aisle and isn't that making it easier for the media to criticize can kted cruz. >> i disagree with the idea that the media hasn't covered the different facets of obamacare. frankly it's kind of boring and i don't think it gets a lot of the -- >> kind of boring? >> i'm fascinated by it. >> millions of americans. >> but it doesn't get the sort of sexy media attention and ted cruz is the news becausehe's the one that is being credited by the tea party caucus or the insane caucus, that they are -- that they're the ones that are basically going to cause the government to shut down, right? >> when kirsten can approvingly quo -- >> what's a princeton cowboy?
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i thought princeton was all about dignified, higher education. >> in the defense, you're right, kirsten, in your defense, the "new york times" had a piece talking about how companies will restrict the number of providers that you can have. usa today -- >> if you sign up for these obamacare exchanges. >> and "usa today" my former employer also had an interesting piece about how 500,000 people may not be covered under obamacare. >> on that point, the day earlier this week when the administration announced exactly what the premiums would be in various states, depending on whether you're a family of four or an individual, i understand those numbers can be disputed. but the "new york times" has put it on the front page and at the same time, everyone else was -- i shouldn't say they didn't cover it. it was covered but much more wrapped up in what i would call the circus. what do you expect that's more interesting to cover.
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>> one of the problems in obamacare is that the exchanges have not launched yet and so everything is speculation. even what we're finding is that they're finding that the cost is actually lower than cbo projected because it's a market place so things are starting to month. so we don't really know what's going to happen. and i would hope that as it plays out that we're going to have more serious coverage of how it's affecting people. >> that example very rarely matches the reader. one example of a single person living in this place, because it's geographically -- it's hard for people to say here's how it's going to affect your prices. >> don't take my word for it, you just happen to see a survey from the kaiser family foundation. 56% of those said that the coverage in their view has been about politics, and only 6% said it was mostly about how the law might impact people.
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but half of it didn't trust any media source here. 10% said they trusted fox, 2% said they trusted msnbc. let's see if we're talking about ted cruz like many other shows on television. rush limbaugh took issue with the press coverage. >> what is utterly maddening about all of these reports, is what do they write about all day long, they write about the horserace, they write about this person, they write like they're hollywood gossip columnists. >> a r a lot of the attacks have been anonymous, which i think is not necessary. he said it distrablcts from wha really matters. >> i don't think it's accidental that ted cruz is going in that direction. i think we also have to keep in mind that this is someone who will be running for president in
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2016. >> according to a new poll, the president and the front ---20% of the people are -- you're saying that ted cruz is, he wants this coverage, he's making it about him. and he says it's not about me, it's about the issue. >> was it almost 20, 21 hours, standing there, does he have a family -- >> i would not, could not sam i am. >> yes, he has a family and he's hitting all of the sunday shows, and he is out there, wants to be out there. and as kirsten pointed out, is the face, is becoming the face of this. >> what did ted cruz say during that filibuster. oh, "green eggs and ham." he was reading the story to his kids watching at home. he talked for 21 more hours, with very strong criticism of obamacare. but we're going to skip over all that because it sounds kind of
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silly. >> the reason that got so much skeptical coverage is not so much what he said during the 21 hours, because it was seen as a stunt because in the end, he was not going to stop the bill and he got only 18 other republicans. there is this disconnect between cruz saying i don't want this to be about me i want it to be about the issue. >> he wants this to be about him, he is raising his profile. he's tearing a page out of rand paul's book and trying to get the same type of attention. i don't think that he did as good a job as rand paul did in that filibuster. i think that was a good filibuster and worth why would, he's raising his profile, he wants to be a leader in the face of the republican party. >> a lot of this is not exactly comparable, a lot of this has to do with the fact that the
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republican party is so split over cruz's tactics and another state senator wendy davis, who led the filibuster against the abortion bill which she was ultimately lost, but she was seen as a her -- >> he embraced it and actually in in giving jason zangerly a tour of his office, showed him up on his bookshelf, a picture with daffy duck on it and the words whacko bird. he is enbracing this because it is catchy. >> you seem to be saying media are doing this not because it's great theater, but because journalists don't agree with cruz. he's a prepackaged villain for starters and also it's a very simple story. you don't have to get into
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premi premiums. ted cruz did this, what do you think of it? and a lot of people are saying it's the worst thing ever. >> and against the republicans obviously who he would love to blame for a government shutdown which is again likely to happen in the next 36 hours. >> if you talk to somebody who says, i don't know, i was watching fox news and they said it was horrible. and you can say, you know what? don't take my word for it, go on the website. >> kirsten? >> i've been very critical of the president in the past when he's come after fox news to delegitimize fox news, to somewhere this whole campaign, that we're not real journalists, this is just off the cuff funny line. i don't feel like it's a real attack. >> it's a slight. >> a lot of people here who don't like obamacare, yeah, there are, and it's not any
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different than a republican complaining about the "new york times" or something like that. it's just a laugh line. >> if he would have said msnbc, it would have been the equivalent of that. somewhere somebody's saying, that's exactly what i said in that memo. >> now we're heading to the government shutdown and who knows how long it will last. and journalists kind of love these crises, even though this is a several inflicted crisis. >> you've been in there business for a long period of time, how did they cover last week? how will they cover in that? i think we're going to see more of the coverage of the politics of it, not of the substance. i went online to try to figure this out for a friend of mine. i couldn't figure it out. >> figure out the premiums of obamacare? >> you can't. i could find a lot about the coverage of green eggs and ham. >> the one difference is, you
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will have stories about national parks shutting down people not getting their checks, tourists not being able to go to the washington monument. that makes it real a and that will change the nature of the story and maybe will republicans get blamed? >> i can't -- there's no scenario where republicans don't get blamed for this. there are reporters on planes right now to red states all over the country to file stories about people not being able to get their government services and it's going to become a localized story. >> kirsten powers, tim garrity, thank you very much. when we come back, ari fleischer has an embarrassing twitter story.
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the nod goes to edward schultz. white house aid dan pfeiffer -- describing the republicans refusing to give ground on the budget deadlock. >> this is about hate and it's now at your doorstep. this is about trying to make this president be viewed in the history of this country as a man who couldn't succeed. there is an element of serious racism here. >> racism.
8:19 am
and schultz said that some republicans merely -- what does race have to do with this particular battle? ed schultz is a passionate advocate, but this time his passion got the best of him. and the most overlooked story, ari fleischer picked a twitter fight with barack obama. the former white house spokesman tweeted this, how come barack obama's last tweet was more than 140 characters? does he play by different rules? scandalous. it might have been kind of funny especially since the president's message was under the 140 word limit. by the way, one of our guests earlier said that fox-- i can't without mentioning this "new york times" correction on the game, supermario brothers,
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hillary clinton broke her silence saying she wrestles with running for president and is both pragmatic and realize poli listic about it. >> do you think she would rather
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be today, if she can't do both, president and grandmother. >> if you ask her, i think she would say grand mother. but i have found it best not to discuss that issue. joining us now is joe concho who calls us to the website media it. she says she's undecided on running. here's some anonymous quotes to prove it. >> why would she announce now? be a media perspective, she doesn't need branding. she's not going to have any trouble raising money. >> the news can't seem to stop talking about the former secretary or state. >> it is 37 months until the election and it already feels oik- >> time's awasting. >> it's an easy story to tell, we're checking off boxes right now. first an african-american president, check, first female president, check. then the first latino president, next to the first gay president
8:25 am
as well. >> if hillary stays silent, the media obsesses on her if she says she likes to watch silent movies with big, the media obsesses. >> she would be the first female first lady, senator, secretary, i don't see who's wrong with covers what we believe is the presumptive nominee. the timing, okay, we're a little board. people who are political reporters are board. >> you just said coronation. >> who else ais running? >> joe biden. >> the last president to preside over a healthy economy and balanced budget -- but let me make my point. >> let me go back to the new york magazine article. the current arc of hillary clinton's story -- the point i'm trying to make, and it was a good piece. is that most of the coverage of
8:26 am
hillary rodham clinton is pretty positive. >> hillary broached the part about hey, we like to take walks and we like to go to swimming and we like to watch stupid movies and we lying to play with our dog. i don't know why journalists can't ask, do you still think your husband is cheating on you? if she's going to talk about her family, half the country that reads that says, wow, does she trust bill? >> i don't want to get into this question about -- >> i think you're crazy. >> bill. >> some suggestion that bill clinton is an elder statesman now, the overseer of the clinton global initiative is not behaving himself? >> she's talking about the personal at trib bult tributes family. >> we should cover her a lot because she's the presumptive
8:27 am
nominee. i remember hearing from all those pundits in 2008 when she lost. >> all i have wanted to do is from president m election to presidential election is take all of those pundits and put them in a room, the ones who were wrong and have them say, i was wrong, i was wrong. because you never remember which pundit today -- >> you would need a stadium. >> do you know who's running on the republican side? rudy giuliani. >> coming back to bill clinton, and i'm going to operate on the presumption that he's behaving himself. >> i am too. >> there have been a couple of critical pieces one in the "new york times" and one in the new york republic about possible miss management at the clinton global initiative. and it gets asked when he's interviewed but again he's basking again in lots of favorable -- >> people are nostalgic given
8:28 am
the current state of the country. if they get hillary, maybe they get bill back as well. >> i think that the reason that the global clinton initiative, which renamed bill clinton, hillary clinton and chelsey clinton, the reason we're getting so much coverage of bill is because of hillary now. it's not the other way around. it's because of his wife and her twitter account who says the glass ceiling crasher and her occupation tbd, the clinton noble englishive would not be getting this attention now i think if it weren't for her. not saying they're not doing good works, not saying they're not mismanaging money. >> the media always focusing on the two of them reminds me of the '92 campaign when they said
8:29 am
you get two for the price of one. >> that's exactly what you're getting two for one in the american public's eyes and the media's eyes. >> you're also getting a lot about ted cruz who could be a nominee as well. so it balances out. >> we'll see you both later in different segments. send after the break, a new iphone is out, but tech writers seem to have gone sour on apple. we'll have the top silicon valley editor why in a moment. . i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save.
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in the event their late les funding measures is rejected by
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the senate. the house passed a bill keeping the lights on in washington while also delaying obamacare for one year. also the president of syria's speaking out today saying his regime will in fact cooperate with the united nations resolution. the u.n. had a adopted the resolution. much of the media would hail the new gizmo as miraculous. some critics saying the new iphone is kind of a disappointment.
8:34 am
sar s sarah, andpple usually gets the most gushing press of anybody. >> this has gone from a company that could do no wrong, where there would be an army of people coming at you if you dared breathe of word of mediocre press about them. literally reporters would stand up and applaud and it would happen ever time. and wall street also thought this was a company that could do no wrong. when these phones were announced, i was watching conan o'brien and there were skits on conan mocking ow mediocring the new iphones are. this is joe consumer has all but turned on apple. and the fact that it can happen that quickly is astounding.
8:35 am
>> whether the media because of apple's long track record that apple's expectations are ridiculously high. >> apple went from having a great visionary as a leader to a great operate tofr. steve jobs has been a great stu wart, but we were used to a lot more from apple and probably those expectations of tim cook are -- people areexpecting -- >> as well as praises of the ios 7. we checked and previous operating -- >> the operating system slack does not amount to as much concern as do the devices themselves. everyone always reacts to a new operating system.
8:36 am
i personally think it's prettier and it looks better. but it's annoying when apps break and don't work well. but it's better for them to be pushing the envelope and keeping consumers a little bitten comfortable than it would be to continue to hue to an older design. >> didn't the iphones -- maybe the public still wants the products and the critics are irrelevant. >> what's interesting is it's the first time you have had iphones competing with iphones because you have the color version and the newer version. and so part of what's been going on in the press is those two models competing with each other. a lot of people thought the color would be more popular because you could actually show that you had the new iphone versus just another white iphone. but actually the other ones did better because early adopters tend to like the new technology. but overall, the new technology
8:37 am
has been a big area of debate. it's pretty cool and apple is one identity by working this into the phones. others said it's cool but that's all it does? >> well, let me get you to the bottom line, does this hurt the apple brand? is the apple brand predicated on being cool to use your technical term? >> i think what's hurt it more than even apple not continuing to delight is the fact that android and samsung keep getting better. apple has better rivals than it ever has before. >> i love this iphone that i'm holding up now, but i type on this one, here we go, the blackberry that has the actual keyboard. ill has reported nearly a $1 billion quarterly loss, is this thing toast? am i going to have to giver it up? >> i know five people who have the blackberry, and they absolutely adore the v-10. but there's about five of them
8:38 am
in the world at large, but not many. no supervision at the company. >> sarah laci, thanks very much for joining us this morning. ahead on media buzz, jeff daniels wins an emmy for playing an arrogant cable newsman. why do they hate this show? hey linda! what are you guys doing? having some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support gularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'.
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. pers
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. you haven't even the newsroom, the hbo show features jeff daniels as a crusading anchor man. but the show's been so controversial that it was something of a shock when daniels won the emmy for best actor. >> the left doesn't have a version of the tea party. >> what's ows. >> it wasn't an ows candidate on the ballot. the left hard lly ever runs for office and if they do, they never win. a 14-1 negative stories and your take away is that there's a problem with the story teller. what is your take on that? >> cannot remember the question. >> why do many journalists despise this show? >> why do so many people hate the show? >> people in the news business. >> because it not accurate. here's the thing. i have worked in newsrooms before so i can speak to this intellige
8:43 am
intelligently. you have a story, you put the story on, you're already moving on to the next story. like in the er, you treat a patient, you move on to the next patient. there's too much reflection on stories and it does not happen that way. >> is there enough time to be dating people on the set? >> that happens all the time. >> i don't want to blow up your premise, but it's a drama, it's not a documentary, nobody cares, except maybe people in our business. >> true, but lawrence o'donnell is a major contributor to the show. he says, already, this is what ooh goes on in newsrooms. if you're going to say you're an anchor, but if you're going to say that he's a republican, but if you're going to call the tea party the american taliban or if he goes on the air high like he did on one episode, anybody else would have been fired. >> what about the show's rather liberal approach, crusading
8:44 am
liberal approach to almost every story. they do a lot of real life stories like the 2012 election sflt that a turn off? is that an accurate depiction of newsrooms where you have hung your hat? >> people are saying, oh, it's liberal. aaron sorkin is somewhere left of lawrence o'donnell. if they said i tune into an aaron sorkin show, he's -- >> does the show reflect his political beliefs? >> absolutely. a republican called the tea party the american taliban. i think that's reflecting liz political beliefs. >> he talked about his approach to this program in an online interview, let's take a look at that. >> i don't think it's any secret that this show, like a lot of things i've written can be
8:45 am
over overabove overly ernest and aggressively uncool. >> they won an emmy. daniels won that. the problem is the bar is set so high with hbo, sopranos, game of throwns, any documentary they do is tremendous. >> it's entertainment. >> like the sopranos and game of thrones. two shows that changed the whole landscape of television in my opinion. >> it's an okay show, the dialogue is sappy, the characters are pat tently unlikable. >> they're annoying people, that's why. >> the first season i really wanted tolike the show, i didn't. i found it hard to watch? >> why. >> because there were too many people living long, preachy speeches in a way that, you know, was talky. but this season, i think they
8:46 am
listened to the critics, especially the plot line in the second half of the season, which was actually based on the story i covered on pail wind scandal in 1998, falsely accusing the u.s. of using nerve gas and then having to retract it. as a narrative, it moves more quickly, do you concede that or do you stop watching? >> i still do watch it, it's called hate watching. the inherent problem with the program is that it bases major story lines on news events that already happened. oh, a big oil spill? who could have seen that happen? or bin laden's dead? wow. what do you think is going to happen next? i'm pretty sure bain laden gets killed when they go in. >> i think you're setting the bar way too high and thinking too much of it has to be an
8:47 am
exact model of what actually goes on in newsrooms. >> there are elements not to like as well. he won an emmy, so he's doing something right, how which. #. >> thanks very much for watching. some americans, millions of them are determined to stay off the internet. why is that? our digital download is next. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. well, you've found delicious! ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪
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time now for our "digital download." we sometimes fall into the trap of thinking everybody is online. >> of course they are. but a new study by the pew research center, 15% of americans aren't on the internet and 9 out of 10 say they have no interest in using the internet. i think part of that is age.
8:51 am
wouldn't you agree? >> well, we see the age split goes -- it's very much of a generation al divide. 44% of those 65 and older don't use the internet and mostly don't have any interest in it and i see this with my mother, who i have tried to get her -- >> hi, mom. >> i have tried to get her to buy one of these so she can skype, but she's got her tv, she has her phone, she says she has trouble pressing the buttons on the vcr and just no interest. >> marsha, if you don't want to do this, it's okay. i understand this for the older generation, but i think it's becoming a very difficult problem with people who are looking for jobs. there's a study i had found in doing research for this that 80% of fortune 500 companies accept jobs online. >> i just think -- >> job applications. >> i understand 1 in 5 people in the survey cite the expense of having the computer and paying the monthly fees.
8:52 am
>> and you can get it free if you go to starbucks or anybody else who has wi-fi. >> or they're busy with their lives. i get why a lot of older people don't feel this needs to be part of their lives. it's almost like not having a phone. so much of what goes on no society happens online. one-third said the internet was not relevant and wone-third sai it's hard to use. >> it is hard to use if you don't have the tools for it. that's why there's so many programs from comcast, for example, or programs from the federal government that are training centers that can help people for free learn how to use it. i think it just has to affect their bottom line. that's the problem here. if you don't have the money, if you don't have a job, if you live in an area that doesn't have it, how can you access it? it really does come down to being able to have someone walk you through it and have a need for you to do it.
8:53 am
>> but i'm much more fascinated by the one-third who says the internet is not relevant to them. >> i know you are. >> in the age of amazon, you can go shopping online. it's not just about that you get online and do news. you can see pictures of your grandchildren. >> but it's funny to me because we live in this media world. i have a blackberry, an iphone, an ipod. i'm constantly consumer news because it's my job. there are a lot of people out there who could care less and that's just who they are. >> do those of news this business who are so constantly wired, overwired, we don't ever talk to anybody anymore, we just text them, do we lose sight of this 15% of american adults and just operate under the adumption when we talk about the news that everybody can do this dotcom thing. >> there's this thing called television. have you heard of it? i think a lot of people consume through television and don't feel -- >> just reminds me when cable tv was jufirst introduced. people didn't feel the need to
8:54 am
get it. >> here is where we disagree. you're saying that the statistic that you like to focus on is a third say it's not relevant of the people who are not online. i see it as a bigger societal problem in that the expense of it, the broadband connection. there was a story i was listening to just this morning on a local affiliate that talked about a woman who would drive her kids to mcdonald's and give them her smartphone to use the free wi-fi so they could do their homework. >> we need to have more access. happy birthday wishes, google celebrating its 15th anniversary. >> and there's a study also out by pew that hit my inbox on friday, thank you to mary madden for this. >> 56%. >> 56% of people google themselves. so when i went out to lunch with my parents i said do you google yourself? they didn't like what they found. >> i never google myself.
8:55 am
do you want to see what people say about you? >> i think for ceos and corporations you have online reputation management that has to be done, but there are people out there who just like to see their name in lights and that google will afford that. >> thanks, lauren. still to come, your best tweets. and why one magazine no longer wants to hear from its readers. "buzz worthy" is up next. ♪ for a strong bag that grips the can... get glad forceflex. small change, big difference. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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here are some of your top tweets. much of the media has become the pr arm of the tea party. media reports what tea party says but doesn't report the real facts. jackie crandall, why lsm, that's lame stream media, doesn't challenge pelosi and reid about their toxic inflammatory language about gop. joseph says shutdown is portrayed as tea party hijack of
8:59 am
democracy. michael, in an effort to appear impartial, the media condones the gop efforts. you should be outrages. i made mention of senator ted cruz voting for the bill, defunding obama care. he actually voted for thedural . most websites love getting comments from readers but these can turn into a cesspool. popular science shut down their comment sections because they tend to be a grotesque reflection of the media culture surrounding them. finally "newsweek's" new owner ibt media has a draconian dress code banning everything from denim jeans to halter tops to open-toed shoes. one line caught my eye. well groomed business style hair of natural color is required. can you imagine if that rule was imposed at network television? bye-bye blond. that's it for this edition of
9:00 am
"media buzz." we'll continue our conversation online and on our home page. thanks for watching. and a fox news alert, everybody. our big story is the potential government shutdown, but before we get there, if you like space and you follow it, take a look at your screen. this is vandenberg air force base but this is a private space flight. a rocket that's about to go off. we'll tell you more about space x, but listen. >> three, two, one. liftoff. move to section 10.59.


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